Overcoming Today’s Parenting Challenges with Project OTY

by | May 14, 2021 | Stories & Interviews

Parent with parenting book in lap

The Project OTY team had the opportunity to interview a successful mom who also happens to be a licensed counselor raising a child in today’s world. 

Modern parenting requires adjusting to a technology-focused society.

The mother we interviewed had the unique opportunity to go through the Project OTY experience and share it with her family. 

Here’s what she had to say about the curriculum from her perspective as a parent and about her views on modern day parenting in a fast paced world:

What’s your favorite part about being a mom?

  • Seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes.
  • Reliving my own childhood experiences as she walks through the same ones.
  • Feeling like I have a better understanding of what unconditional love means. 
  • Living a more responsible life. 
  • Having someone to share life’s joyful moments with. 
  • I could go on all day, so I’ll stop here.

What concerns you most about raising children in today’s world?

The influence of social media.

The pressures young people can experience and feel because of perceived perfection; potentially resulting in  negative body image, negative self-talk, and destructive behaviors, etc. 

What challenges do your kids have that you didn’t have growing up?

The distraction of cell phones and the pressure to be a certain way or to always look “perfect”.

Feeling less than “good enough” because of a lack of finances. 

What did you enjoy most about going through the Project OTY curriculum for yourself?

It provided me the opportunity to get in touch with myself and create clarity around a vision and plan for myself. Learning about my unique strengths and how I am perceived through the eyes of others. 

What did you learn about yourself?

I’m a hyper-planner, with the exception of planning my life path. 

Until this project, I had let other things get in the way of that.

What did your family (kids) learn when you shared it with them?

That it’s never too early to plan for tomorrow, to really think about what you want, and how to take steps toward creating that reality. 

What are the biggest lessons from Project OTY that stood out for you?

That we are often driven by fear, that we give in to the status quo, and that all too often, we accept less than our best. 

Why should a high school consider adopting the Project OTY curriculum?

Project OTY is a great resource for high school students because it creates structure around real world conversation like planning for, or going to college or whatever future is in store for a high school student after high school. This provides students the tools to map out their future with confidence, conviction and direction.   

What would you say to other parents or kids considering going through the Project OTY experience?

You can’t lose.  You’re going to learn a lot about yourself, about navigating the world we live in today and how you can be your best, happiest and most productive self.  

How would our world benefit from more people going through the Project OTY curriculum?

Project OTY mirrors some of the benefits I’ve seen in my counseling practice:  Self-reflection, goal setting, intention and lessons that lead to increased confidence and general peace of mind.  Our world benefits when more people have that peace of mind.


Building your plan and encouraging those around you to create their plan, empowers them to confidently share their hopes, dreams, questions, fears and beliefs. 

Taking the time to see the world through another’s eyes (e.g., a child) allows us the opportunity to better understand and see what we can do to support them.  We become empowered to lead with confidence.

When we have clarity in our own plan for the future, we’re empowered to make today and tomorrow a better day for everyone around us. 

Check out the Project OTY process and see how business leaders and students are achieving more than they ever thought possible.

See what others have to say and then see how we can help you create your plan for life and create your world.

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