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If you complete the exercises in this program and do not feel more organized, focused and confident in your future and the life you are building for yourself, we will refund your money with no hassles.

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Common Questions

What does the “OTY” in Project OTY stand for?

“OTY” stands for “Outstanding, Talented You”. Every Learner that completes the Project OTY experience has a complete plan for today’s world – one that is personalized to amplify their Unique Strengths and definition of success.

How long does it take to go through the experience/content?

The Project OTY “Build YOUR Roadmap” experience is uniquely designed in two phases. The first phase involves 16 interactive modules for an individual to move through as they intuitively build their future plan, or “Roadmap”. The first phase contains roughly 4-6 hours of content and exercises. 

After completing the modules, a Learner will enter the second phase of the experience and can now view their resources, edit, execute, and share their optimally organized Roadmap for help and feedback from those in their team and community as they confidently build their future.

What is the Project OTY “Roadmap”?

The Roadmap is the complete and optimally organized plan a Learner builds for themselves in going through the Project OTY modules. Overall, this plan lays out the “ideal world” that a Learner wants to create for themselves in the next 1-5 years. The Roadmap includes the high level vision, fears, goals, along with immediate next steps a Learner can take toward achieving their dreams.