How Effective Are You As a Leader?

Are you a good leader or a great leader? Find out now.

How well do you understand your unique strengths through the eyes of others?
Rate your agreement with the following statement: I have a clear vision of success in all areas of my life and work, along with a detailed plan to support me in achieving it.
How would you rate your ability to communicate your vision of success and goals to others?
When faced with conflict, or an unexpected problem, how likely are you to prioritize finding solutions over assigning blame?
Rate your efforts in proactively creating an accountable team culture.
How attentive are you to nurturing the personal and professional growth of individual team members on a 1:1 basis?
Rate your percentage of agreement with the following statement: I understand the strengths of each of my team members and how they complement each other.
Rate your efforts and effectiveness in supporting each team member's personal goals and ensuring a healthy work-life balance for your team.
How well do you understand your team members' definitions of personal success and their career/life goals?
Rate your team’s ability to self-manage and solve problems on a day-to-day basis.