I was introduced to Lauren Shroll.  She went through the Project OTY workbook on her own. 
I asked her to write about her experience.  Here's what she wrote verbatim.

What Changed?

I revisited a 23-chapter document this past week.

My last edit was on December 16th of 2016.

I left a half-finished fiction story alone for almost 3 years.

This week, I went through the document and resolved comments, reviewed plot points and reread chapters. The act of going through this document to edit wasn't random. I wouldn't have considered returning to edit this story a month ago. What changed?

Confidence and Direction

For these chapters and my soon-to-be "roadmap", Project OTY helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together to create an organized plan. My confidence in my abilities and my sense of direction was changed completely, and for the better.

Prior to reviewing the Project OTY curriculum, I knew I had several dreams, but I was placing them on the backburner and had some doubts on what I could feasibly achieve. I needed a framework to house what felt like lofty and varied ideas.

Feeling a Little Lost

As a 23-year-old recent graduate of Ohio University, I currently hold a job in I.T. and network security. This is in spite of the fact that I studied nutrition and food science throughout college. I even took a 5th year to finish my dietetics courses and field experience. Such is the way of life.

Needless to say, I was a little lost earlier this year. I had changed directions in pursuing a field that I really did enjoy, but one that was radically different than my college education. I had a lot of questions and concerns about being on the right path and doing exactly what I wanted. I still wanted other things besides a secure job. Therefore, it was essential for me to build a cohesive plan to draw everything together. How could I bridge the gaps between network security, nutrition, and creative writing?

Needed a Process

Project OTY provided the sense of direction and process-oriented framework I desperately needed. It was essential for me to fill in the blanks between my current situation and where I wanted to be in the future. I needed to do some strategic planning.

While working on the Project OTY workbook exercises, I had to consider the following questions:

  • What visions did I have now?
  • Were these visions important to me?
  • What was I looking to accomplish in the next 5 years?
  • What were my fears?
  • What was my unique strength and how could I harness that?
  • What specific goals could I construct to achieve my visions?

After completing the entire workbook, not only did I have ten different visions outlined with S.M.A.R.T. goals to tie the puzzle pieces of my life together, but I had listed individuals who I knew I could enroll in supporting me along the way.

Found Focus and Determination

I had filled in the blanks. There was an immense determination to tackle the immediate steps. 

A week after completing the Project OTY workbook, I tackled all my initial steps. These included editing my novel, re-branding my blog, applying for a business license, and working on being in a fulfilling and loving relationship. These felt like such major personal wins in such a short amount of time. While all my visions were originally outlined for the next 5 years, I was immediately stunned and excited at the possibility of some of my visions being achievable in just the next couple of years!

Based on my experience, I feel this workbook is applicable at every stage of life. It's instrumental in helping any individual create a roadmap by thinking critically about their visions, fears, strengths and major life moments.

Life is Full of Lessons

Project OTY struck a chord with me in reminding me of what my Dad said when I was a kid: "You either react or you learn from the major situations life presents."

I fully understand this lesson now, as the Project OTY workbook detailed this concept and encouraged reflection and discussion on the path that individuals take in their lives.

Essentially, Project OTY helps you understand how you play the game of life and how you can further improve your mindset and equip yourself toward becoming a leader. The Project OTY workbook is a unique resource to reflect deeply and personally on the bigger picture.

It's Like Solving a Puzzle

Our lives are a mix of opportunities and decisions, which feel random, confusing and anxiety-provoking. This is definitely how I felt throughout college and right after graduating in May of this year. I was uncertain on what my next step was. I had to ask myself difficult questions and really take the time to envision the next few years of my life. Now, I'm a firm believer that Project OTY can help put the puzzle together in order to recognize opportunities and make the best choices going forward. The sooner individuals can develop a plan to do this, the better.

This world benefits when individuals are confident on where to go and when those around them can better understand how to assist on that path of accountability and success.

Everybody has the chance to win in finishing the projects and stories they start.

by, Lauren Shroll


Lauren, thank you for sharing your story. We look forward to watching YOU "Create YOUR World"!

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